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The correction of unstuck ears are performed on patients who have inherited cartilage from the ear that came out of the head at right angles and has a striking effect. This fault can exist on one or both ears. Occurs mostly in children aged 4-14 years. The most important condition for otoplasty, of course, that the child himself agree with the modifications. If you are looking for a rhinoplasty in Henderson or a nose job, you have found the right place.

Ear correction for adults is possible at any time. In principle, the procedure for adults is the same as for children. By a cosmetic-plastic surgery we can correct the ear, the too large pavilion, the earloop too large or deformed, the ear curved forward, and a “shell ear” which can be a very small Ear or without any form of natural folds.

The success of surgical correction of the ears after an illness or a serious injury depends particularly on the initial state of the ears.
Price of the surgery of the ear

Ear surgery on one side: 600 euros

Ears surgery on both sides: 1000 euros
Before Ear Surgery

If you are taking medication regularly, talk to your doctor if you have to continue taking them or stop.

Alcohol and nicotine must be reduced.

Avoid aspirin at least 14 days before surgery or taking similar medications.
Ear surgery

Ear surgery is usually done under local anesthesia, without hospitalization. The correction by the ear lasts about an hour. The length of the operation will depend on the surgical technique and the degree of correction required. Young children are operated under general anesthesia (narcosis). During surgery the incision run to the back of the ear. The skin is loosened, and after the formation of the cartilage it will be fixed. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the part of the cartilage to try to get natural and pleasant ears. Subsequently, the skin on the back of the ear are sewn again. The stitches are hidden behind the ear in a back-to-back manner are practically barely visible. Finally, protect your ears in a turban bandage is placed on.
After the surgery of the ear

Removal of the bandage is performed after about 7 days. Then the ears are proggered by bandaging for 10 days.

Stitches are removed after one week.

For a month it is necessary to avoid any flexion, traction and loading of the ears.

Wear the glasses carefully.

It is recommended to wear especially heavy earrings for a month.

Children can return to school after a week. Adults can work for a few days.
The Possible Complications After Ear Surgery

After surgery, patients may experience temporary pain, numbness and headaches. In rare cases of bleeding.

Itching of the wound or the insensitivity of the cut can occur, but this too, will pass. A disorder of wound healing is possible.
We will help you in organizing your stay:

At the request of our patients we are happy to book accommodation for you according to your requirements from 40 euros per night (eg Hotel Nimrod). I will help you to reserve a room (with one bed or two beds – according to your requirements) at the proximity of the clinic. Attached in e-mail is a list of accommodations.
Transfer to the airport:

If you wish, we can organize your transfer to Vienna or Bratislava Airport. The personal taxi costs 70 euros at Vienna airport and 60 euros at Bratislava airport.
Language spoken:

At the aesthetic clinic we speak English and German in high level, but if you need a French interpreter we can organize too. The French interpreter rate is 10 euros / hour (you can count about 3-4 hours for interpretation). I speak at the intermediate French level.
Payment method :

In the aesthetic clinic you have to pay in cash in Euro. To fix the date of operation and so that we can buy the breast implants of your size, it is necessary to transfer half the prices of interventions by a bank transfer to the account of the Surgery aesthetic of dr. Wittmann. At the end (after making all the preparations) I can give you the account data to make the bank transfer.

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