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Information on Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas, also called a nose job.

Gynecomastia in HungaryWe are very glad that you are interested in our aesthetic surgery department of Dr. Wittmann. A lot of breast reduction is done for men. This operation is called gynecomastia. Today, nearly 50% of men are affected by breast enlargement.

Perhaps it is the hormonal changes during puberty that affect the 40 percent of adolescents or in men some medical treatments and p. ex. Antidepressants, antihypertensives, marijuana, steroids, medications containing hormones, etc. Can cause mammary hypertrophy.

Men with hypertrophy of the breast avoid situations such as sports, exercise, swimming, gymnastics and sexual relations as well. To solve this problem, there is neither sport nor a diet, only to remove plastic surgery plastic surgery enlarged breast tissue surgery.
The cost of a gynecomastia (breast reduction in humans) under local anesthesia costs 2200, -euros.
The price includes:

The fees of the 1st consultation
The price of the operation
One night in our clinic under sanitary supervision
The fees for local anesthesia (in most cases, but also general as the case may be)
The distance of the sutures (after 14 days)

Breast reduction in menThe price of the operation does not include:

The prices of laboratory medical analysis before surgery
The prices of mammographic and ultrasound exams of the breasts
The special compression garment
the flight
Personal expenses
Travel insurance
Professional translation into French 10 euros per hour (but the English and German translation are free)
Airport transfers (Vienna / Bratislava-hotel-clinic-airport). If you wish, we can organize your transfer to Vienna or Bratislava Airport. The personal taxi costs 60 euros at Vienna airport and 50 euros at Bratislava.
The accommodation next to the clinic (for example at the Hotel Nimrod from 40 euros per night)

The procedure to be followed before the operation:

First of all, please send us some photos for the beautician surgeon dr. Wittmann could tell you his opinion about gynecomastia.

Before surgery you should visit your general doctor in France, Belgium or Switzerland to prescribe preoperative tests and a mammogram or an ultrasound examination are necessary. Then ask your general physician to write a medical certificate for you in which he finds that you can have cosmetic surgery and that you are wholly healthy.
Before breast reduction a blood test is required (2-3 weeks before surgery):

More information before the operation:

Before the operation it is essential to stay fasting (do not eat or drink) 6 hours before surgery.
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 15 days of surgery.
Inform our surgeon and anesthesiologist about your medical problems: hypertension, vascular problems, heart failure, diabetes, lung problems, bleeding problems, epilepsy, neurological problems, allergies to certain medications etc.
Inform us if you have a dental prosthesis or contact lenses.
If you smoke, you must stop smoking for 2 weeks before the procedure and avoid smoking at least 2 weeks after the procedure.
Avoid direct sunlight before and after surgery.
Do not strict diet before the procedure because it can delay the curative process.
If you have to take cold before surgery or get any infection, the operation should be shifted.